Setup instructions

  1. Download and run the SteamVR Performance Test to ensure your machine meets the minimum requirements to enjoy VR in the HTC VIVE.
  2. Download and install a WebVR-capable browser.

You may wish to upgrade your Windows PC manually, order/build a new custom machine, or purchase a pre-built Vive-ready PC.

(If needed, refer to the Vive User Guide or the SteamVR Support pages.)

Supported browsers








  • Save the world from the cutest creatures in the universe
  • Paint and sketch in VR by Mozilla A-Frame team
  • Where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky
  • A musical WebVR journey for the HTC VIVE


When is WebVR support for the HTC VIVE landing in release-channel browsers?

WebVR support for the HTC VIVE is estimated to ship in mid-2017 in the stable, release-channel versions of both Firefox and Chrome.

Can I still use a VIVE Pre developer kit?

If you have a Vive Pre development kit, you may still be able to follow these same instructions to use WebVR, but there are no guarantees of stability nor performance.

It’s worth noting that there are mostly only the modifications made between the Vive Pre and Vive consumer version are mostly slight changes to the aesthetics and comfort (e.g., the most obvious being the IPD-adjustment knob and slight head-strap adjustments).