1. Search for and install Carmel Developer Preview from the Oculus Gear VR store.

    Oculus Carmel install screen
    Oculus Carmel install screen
  2. Launch Carmel Developer Preview from your Gear VR Library.
  3. Enjoy the included WebVR demos!

    Oculus Carmel demos
    Launch Carmel to browse these WebVR demos

Latest version

System requirements
Samsung Gear VR
File size
64.18 MB
Release notes
  • A preview of the new VR browser from Oculus, code named “Carmel.” This release focuses on running 3D, WebVR API content in VR with comprehensive 2D support planned for a later release. Check out WebVR projects from other developers and test your own experiences.
  • Carmel browser does not yet have any browser UI. Navigating to an arbitrary URL can be done using the ovrweb protocol to do so. For instructions, see Launching Your Content on the Oculus VR web resource.